Testimonials-Counseling in Indianapolis

The following are testimonials for Counseling in Indianapolis and Greenwood. Besides Counseling in Indianapolis, we offer many other services that are included in these testimonials: trauma counseling in Greenwood, art therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, wellness coaching, and essential oils to name a few.


Sunstone has provided a safe environment for my therapy and personal progress. Lacey Rentschler blends professionalism with caring attention to help me bring out my best. She is able to help me work through my fear of therapy and bring forth a confidence for both my life and my business. Lacey is, without a doubt, the best therapist I’ve ever worked with.

I first met Lacey at an all-male retreat for Wounded Warriors.  Immediately, I recognized that Lacey was a caring therapist whose focus was aimed at helping each Warrior empower themselves by helping them to develop and make more positive choices in their lives. Lacey has a fantastic sense of humor and is gentle and focused with her words.  Her passion and commitment to guiding her clients to reach the best version of themselves is a testament to her complete understanding of the healing process.

Lacey is extremely insightful and very relatable. She makes it seem like I'm talking to a friend instead of a therapist. At the same time, she is very professional and is subtle with her guidance.

Lacey Rentschler is an amazing therapist who inspires hope for her clients.  She is a caring listener and gives excellent non-judgmental feedback.  Lacey is talented in EMDR skills and hypnotherapy, and has an incredible ability to move her clients to taking positive action for changing their lives.  Lacey is very professional and gives excellent value for her services.

I have had the honor of working with Lacey on a 4 day retreat for OIF/OEF female veterans. During this time, I was able to observe Lacey's ability to quickly build rapport and gain the trust of the participants, as well as to be a recipient of her knowledge of issues unique to female veterans. Lacey is able to efficiently, with the help of her client, figure out the concern, identify obstacles, and come up with a plan. Her ability to assist in goal-setting is second to none. Lacey is a proven LCSW with a strong commitment to serving our nation's veterans.

Lacey is caring, compassionate, and yet not afraid to challenge you.  She helps define goals, and also offers flexible scheduling.  I came to therapy not knowing what I needed; but Lacey, with her expertise, was able to navigate me through this process.  For the first time in my life, I feel hope that I can be healthy.

Lacey is a quality individual with a true passion for helping veterans!  Her inquisitive mind and forthright demeanor are key assets for any professional with a career in mental health.