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How to Deal With Stress in a Large Family

StressIn my last post, I walked through how to prevent stress in a large family. But some days, despite best efforts, family members experience stress. Kids feed off of the stress from their parents and siblings, so in a big family stress can spread among family members quickly. Parents can use stress management techniques to enable the family to combat stress and avoid the negative health effects prolonged stress causes.

 1. Interact with your loved ones.

Spending time with family members helps you avoid overreacting to the stressful situation, helps calm your nervous system by being around others who make you feel safe and loved, and releases hormones to reduce stress. Taking a moment to chat with your child about his day or playing a game with your daughter can help you, your child, or both manage stress.

 2. Play stress management games.

While physical versions of these activities are preferred, online versions can be a great tool for your kids (and you) to manage stress -check it out here. Online Zen gardens, creating kaleidoscopes, and playing with stress balls can be a fun way for your family to play and reduce stress at the same time. You can involve your whole family in a game, such as getting everyone to paint on an online easel and then share what they created.

 3. Go for a walk.

Exercising with a short walk offers many health benefits, particularly stress reduction. After a few minutes outside focusing on something other than the stressor, stress levels go down. Take a solo walk, or gather your whole family to spend time together outside.

4. De-Stress after work.

Be intentional about de-stressing after work. Don’t carry stress from work home with you, it can set a stressed out tone for your family in the evening. Moms and dads should take time to meditate, do an essential oils massage, or whatever they need to reduce stress after a long day.

With large families come a number of people who can become stressed. Using stress management techniques helps decrease the stress in the family member and keeps the stress from spreading. Play around with different techniques to see what works for your family, and remember a low stress family is a happy healthy family!

Create a Stressless, Happy House

We all crave a home filled with good energy; one that serves as a repose from a hard day’s work, a setting for cheerful togetherness, and an invitation to a restful night’s sleep. Carrying the smells, colors and sight of nature inside can change a space’s energetic feeling, filling it with positive sensory impressions and creating a home of perfect repose.

Try these nature-inspired home decor tips to shift the feeling in your house toward one of stressless tranquility.

1. Set the mood with aromatherapy and Indiana essential oils. Indiana Essential Oils

Scent has the ability to quickly change an environment and affect mood. The right usage of essential oils within a home can soothe the nerves, calm the emotions, harmonize the mind, and create an overall peaceful atmosphere.

You can introduce scent into your home through Indiana essential oils or at-home aromatherapy to gradually spread the scent throughout a house. Even sweet-smelling flowers and aromatic branches of pine can be placed around the home for both their beauty and scent.

Every aroma has a unique effect on the mind. Some are soothing and calming; like jasmine, lavender, neroli, rose, and sandalwood. Others are invigorating and uplifting; such as lemon, peppermint, rosemary, and sage. Choose scents appropriate for the energy of the room, and also according to the time of day. An uplifting scent, for example, works well in the bedroom in the morning, but a calming scent would work better in the evening.

2. Enhance each room’s function with color.

Color also powerfully affects mood. Each color carries a different vibration; some calling us to action, some soothing, some devitalizing. Bring color into your home through wall paint, textiles, and flowers; choosing those that are in balance with the mood you’d like to set in each room.

Like the morning sun, yellow is a happy and energizing color. It promotes clarity and articulate thinking, making it suited for a home office. Just as the infinite blue sky brings a feeling of calm, blue gives any room a tranquil, peaceful, and spiritual atmosphere. It’s best suited for the bedroom or a meditation room. Light violet is also soothing, as we can feel when we observe it as part of a twilight sky. White, like the afternoon light, is uplifting, purifying and cleansing, and works well in any space. Orange (think poppies and marigolds) is a social, joyful color, and is best suited for family and dining rooms to enhance cheerful gatherings and good communication.

3. Create good energy flow with houseplants and flowers.

Besides altering the atmosphere with their scent and color, house plants and fresh cut flowers
contribute to the positive flow of energy throughout a home. Feng Shui refers to this energy as chi, and it gives many houseplant guidelines to promote the healthy flow of chi.

Although all plants are vibrant, healthy forms of energy, they have different effects when used in the home. Flowers bring a feeling of love and happiness, but wilting or dried flowers emit negative energy. Plants with rounded leaves help to soften sharp lines (like room corners) and promote the flow of energy through dead space. Feathery, softer looking plants are more appropriate for the bedroom. Thorny plants like cacti are energetically attacking and interrupt the positive flow of chi. They should not be used in the home.

By bringing nature inside with these four home decor tips, you can shift the mood in your home to one of good energy; creating your perfect sanctuary.

If you want to learn more about the many uses of Indiana essential oils or alternative health practices, contact one of our counselors in Greenwood.