Wellness Coaching in Indianapolis

At Sunstone Health & Wellness, we truly love people.  We want you to be able to live the best life possible, but we also understand that sometimes there are things that stand in the way of being able to do that.  We are passionate about being able to lead and influence people in making healthy lifestyle choices and changes that impact the quality of an entire life.

Wellness coaching gives you a personal support system to be able to reach your wellness goals.  Whether your doctor has recommended that you make some changes or you just feel like it’s time, wellness coaching can provide gentle guidance and accountability to help you live the best life possible.

Need guidance with your health? Get in touch with our Indianapolis Wellness Coaches!

We support and value personal choice, so the wellness coaching process is all driven by you.  You, together with a coach, will help to determine your goals and your motivation for reaching those goals.

Wellness coaching, as with all services at Sunstone Health & Wellness, is completely confidential.  We offer a variety of methods for completing wellness coaching while also leading a busy life.  We offer wellness coaching through sessions in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

Wellness coaching might be for you if:

For more information about wellness coaching or to schedule an appointment, please call (317) 886-1000.