Essential Oils

Sunstone Health & Wellness is proud to provide our clients access to both doTERRA and Young Living essential oils!

Whether you’re new to essential oils or you are a long-time fan, Sunstone provides quick and easy access to your favorite oils. While we have a limited selection of oils in the office, we also place biweekly orders so that you have a chance to order exactly what you need. As a distributor, we are able to obtain oils at a discount and pass that savings on to you!

Skeptical about the use of essential oils? Me too.

And then I had a long dinner with a friend. She shared with me that, in the last month that she had been using essential oils, her family (of 10!) had not spent money on commercial cleaners, fever reducer, perfume, diaper rash cream, bug repellent, antibiotics, sore throat spray, cold medicine, and the list went on and on!

I found that, one night, I was having a hard time sleeping. I was desperate. So I rubbed a little bit of lavender and frankincense on my belly, thinking, “What could it hurt?” And, let me tell you, I had the best sleep of my life!

Essential oils are available from a variety of sources. However, both doTERRA and Young Living offer therapeutic grade oils, which are the safest for topical use and ingestion.

Essential oils are not intended to take the place of traditional medical care, and you should always consult your doctor about implementing something new into your health routine. Special care should be taken by those who are taking prescription medications, as well as expectant and nursing mothers.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshop about the many ways that you can use essential oils with children!

For more information about essential oils, our upcoming workshop, or to schedule an appointment, please call (317) 886-1000.