Indianapolis Counseling

The decision to begin counseling can be intimidating, exhilarating; and, ultimately, a life changer.

If you’ve never been to counseling before, let me assure you that it’s nothing like they show in movies and on television. Though I do have a couch in my office, you are not required to lay down (or even sit) on it! Indianapolis Counseling at Sunstone Health & Wellness is done in a very relaxed, conversational way to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

At first thought, some people might think that it would be easier to talk to someone they already know about any concerns they may be having in their life. However, the majority of people who come to counseling are pleasantly surprised at how effective it is to share their story with a professional who doesn’t have a stake or any emotions connected to the story.

Most of the time, we know the solutions to our own problems. But there are those rare occasions when we all need a little extra support, education, and resources to help us continue on the path to living the best life possible. Counseling can be a powerful tool to create change and take action in the life you’ve always wanted to live.

Looking for Indianapolis Counseling Services? Sunstone Health & Wellness is here for you!

All sessions at Sunstone are scheduled for a “clinical hour” of 50 minutes. Longer appointments are available upon request. If you feel like you would like more time for your session, just be sure to ask your therapist when you are scheduling your appointment. Some people find that they take advantage of counseling to get through a short-term event, and others choose to maximize counseling over a long term commitment.

Counseling at Sunstone Health & Wellness is client-driven, which means that you control the pace and direction of your counseling. We offer a variety of supplemental kinds of treatment approaches, like EMDR, hypnotherapy, and wellness coaching that can be used at the same time as traditional talk therapy. We provide counseling for children, adolescents, and adults.

Sunstone offers counseling on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, the following:

For more information about counseling or to schedule an appointment, please call (317) 886-1000.