Sunstone Studio

Art Therapy in Indianapolis & Greenwood

Our Art Therapy is conducted in Sunstone Studio, the creative branch of Sunstone Health & Wellness, blending traditional forms of “talk therapy” with creative processes of art therapy, such as art, music, and writing.

Sometimes we just don’t have the words to say what we want and need to say, which can make talk therapy difficult.  Combining the creativity of art therapy with traditional therapy can give you an alternative to words to help you express thoughts, feelings, situations, and memories. Art and therapy can lead to a general overall feeling of relief and improved mental health.

The use of creative techniques and art therapy is available to everyone because each person has the potential to be creative in one way or another.  Sunstone Studio allows you to participate individually or in a group of art therapy in Indianapolis and Greenwood areas. While both children and adults can heal using expressive art therapy, children are especially receptive to it due to a limited ability to express thoughts and feelings using words.

While anyone can benefit from adding creativity and art therapy to traditional therapy, it can be used to cope with the following issues or conditions:

For more information about Art Therapy in Indianapolis or to schedule an appointment, please call (317) 886-1000.