Kristin Tenuta – Marriage & Family Therapy


Specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy in Indianapolis and Greenwood

Kristin is new to the Indianapolis area, as she has recently transferred here from Illinois. Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Kristin attended Northern Illinois University to pursue her dreams of working in a helping profession. After completing her Bachelor’s at NIU, she was excited to learn about their Specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy, Masters of Science program. It directly spoke to her philosophies about people, relationships and their functioning. Upon graduating in 2003, Kristin was asked to return to her place of internship as a clinical member. She happily accepted, as she enjoyed the challenging clinical atmosphere of the residential facility. For the next five years, Kristin provided services to the severely emotionally and behaviorally challenged clients and their families. This work involved addressing extensive trauma, PTSD, bi-polar, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and various personality disorders. In 2008, Kristin decided it was time to pursue her licensure and embark on her dream of participating in private practice. Since then, she has found great enjoyment in assisting members of the community with their struggles. Kristin believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship; when you have a safe, secure and trustworthy environment it promotes comfort when exploring life’s struggles. If this is not a core component of the relationship, honestly exploring aspects of one’s self becomes difficult. Kristin believes that she is a compassionate supporter, educator, facilitator, encourager and advocator for her clients. She uses her extensive experiences to individualize treatment for each client. The diversity of clients and experiences she has had has evolved her approach with clients in a way that allows for maximum growth and change – when the client is truly dedicated to the process.

“Take one day at a time. Don’t look at the big picture…It can be overwhelming!”