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Free Clean Eating Plan

I can’t hardly believe that it is the holiday season again already. It seems to catch up to me faster each year. I just love all the festivities and time with friends.

We have so many new and exciting things coming out soon at Sunstone Health & Wellness, but I will tell you more about those later. Right now, I want to share my spirit of gifting and giving back. I want to do something fun and healthy for this holiday. The holidays are pretty rough on most of our willpowers.  There is temptation everywhere! Holiday parties, family, friends, and FOOD!

To help you keep a focus on health this season, I have decided to give away our Seasonal Clean Eating Plan.Clean Eating Wellness Plan

This Free Clean Eating Plan is a flawless fit for anyone who wants to:

  • Ditch the afternoon crash and burn (you can make it through the workday without coffee or sugary snacks. Promise!)
  • Feel better, physically and mentally
  • Lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way
  • Reduce your toxic chemical load
  • Boost your metabolism

As I said, I am offering the entire program to anyone who wants it, free of any charges. What I do ask is that at the end of the program, you pay me what you think the program is worth. I know you probably think I am crazy, and I don’t expect everyone to follow through with this portion, but I want to try this in the spirit of gifting this season.

So to you, here is the gift of health from us:

Free Seasonal Clean Eating Plan

Just go to the page, register, and you will receive access to the entire program starting on December 11, 2014. It is an 11-day program that will help you renew and refresh after Thanksgiving and stay on track through Christmas.

Remember you can share this information with your friends and have them join with you. The program is easy to follow, and we offer daily support.

Here’s to a healthy holiday season!

Coo Coo for Coconut Oil-15 Ways to Add it to Your Wellness Plan!

In my local health food and wellness store, a jar of raw, unpressed coconut oil is about $7. Why is that awesome? Coconut oil has a wide array of health benefits, including fat loss and better brain function. And it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Not only that, there’s probably another 100 uses for coconut oil. All that packed into a $7 jar! For those health-minded budgeters, you’ve found your goldmine.

Check it out.

1. Coconut oil can be used to replace butter when you are cooking, and it’s better for you.

2. It’s a natural SPF 4. So while it may not give you the best protection, it can help you in a pinch.

Coconut oil for alternative therapy

3. Coconut oil has fatty acids that increase your metabolism, so mix some into your diet if you’re trying to lose weight. Throwing some into your morning smoothie or tea is an easy way to add it daily.

4. Dry cracked heels? Put down the blades and the salves. Rub on coconut oil in the morning and at night…you’ll be amazed at the softness of your feet. And, if it can do wonders for your feet, imagine what it can do for the rest of your body!

5. Speaking of, if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, coconut oil may give you some relief.

6. Coconut oil keeps skin’s connective tissue happy and strong which can help you fight fine lines and wrinkles. Better than a $150 face cream, right?!

7. Want whiter teeth? The lauric acid in coconut oil can help rid your mouth of the bacteria that yellows teeth. Swish it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes (yes, it’s a bit of a time commitment), and then brush your teeth.

8. That lauric acid is also good at killing other bacteria, viruses and fungi, making it a great option for wound care.

9. The same properties that make coconut oil great for #5 & #6 also make it great for your immune system.

10. Wait, there’s more…these same properties also allow coconut oil to aid in digestion because they work on the bacteria that causes poor digestion.

11. Bacteria causes body odor under your arms. Remember what fights bacteria? Yup. Coconut oil. Banish that B.O. while moisturizing your skin!

12. Coconut oil is also a kinder, gentler eye make up remover.

13. Want to shave and moisturize at the same time? You guessed it, use coconut oil.

14. If you need to soften up the ends of your hair, massage some coconut oil into them before bed.

15. It’s good for your heart!

There are a lot more wellness uses of coconut and other great all-natural that can be implemented in to your wellness goals. You should check out our clean eating plan for more wholesome tips. Seriously, just ask Google. So maybe it’s time to put down the chemicals, the peels, and the bleaches and look for a natural approach to wellness. We can add some money back in our budget and be able to pronounce what we are putting on and in our body. What is 2-Oleamindo-1 anyway?




4 Wellness Tips to Satisfy Belly, Mind & Spirit at Every Meal

4 Wellness Tips to Satisfy Belly, Mind & Spirit at Every Meal

While it’s commendable to buy beautiful, organic, non-GMO foods, ingredients don’t guarantee an all-around nourishing meal. Equally important is the attitude with which these foods are prepared and eaten. Food first and foremost feeds the body, but it also has an often overlooked effect on both the mind and spirit– positive or negative. For that reason, make sure you’re ingesting good vibes with every meal by following these four guidelines.

Health and Wellness1. When you can, eat at home. The only way to control the bad stuff in your food is to cook it yourself. This bad stuff isn’t limited to unwholesome ingredients, but includes bad vibes. Home cooked meals are the healthiest from both a nutritional and an emotional standpoint.

The goal of most restaurants is to make money; not to wholesomely feed your body and soul. While there are some exceptions, the atmosphere of restaurant kitchens is one of stress and hurriedness; the faster they cook, the more money they make. It’s also impossible to know the chef’s mood. Perhaps he’s unhappy at his job or having a bad day. The food the kitchen cooks subtly absorbs any negative energy, and it’s then passed on to you when you eat.

To make sure you ingest nothing but goodness, cook your own meals as often as possible. And when you do dine out, choose restaurants with a peaceful atmosphere where food is made with care.

2. Cook your food with love. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, and all foods are sensitive to the energy and vibrations around them, much as humans are. Be mindful of the energy you’re putting into your food when you cook. Enjoy the motion of cutting vegetables, the sound of spices sizzling in oil, the smells wafting out of the oven. Make cooking a sacred time so that your good vibes will be absorbed into your meal. That being said, never cook when you’re angry or upset or your food will absorb your negativity– as will those you’re feeding.

3. Eat in a calm atmosphere. Make your kitchen and dining table a sacred space; clean and uncluttered. You can enhance the space with fresh flowers or a soothing crystal placed in the center of the table. A calm and peaceful atmosphere carries good vibrations inward along with your food.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, eating in an agitated atmosphere carries negativity deep into your system and can cause imbalances. For that reason, don’t watch TV while you eat. Imagine what happens in the digestive tract when your mind is distressed watching a horrifically violent film, or even depressing evening news! Never eat when you’re upset or angry to ensure you’re not swallowing your own bad feelings.

4. Give thanks. Before you eat, take a moment to give gratitude. It could be directed toward the god that resonates with you, or simply toward nature and those who helped bring the meal to your table; the sun, the earth, the farmers, the market. Giving reverence to the meal as a blessing endows the food with positive and loving energy, and helps to enhance its nourishing attributes.

Sunstone Health & Wellness would also suggest a seasonal detox every so often to help rid your body of toxins that can build up due to our daily lives.

Cooking your food with love at home, eating in a calm atmosphere, and giving thanks at every meal will satisfy your belly, mind, and spirit.