Our Philosophy

Counseling In GreenwoodWhat Matters To Sunstone Health & Wellness


Love Yourself.  Love Others.


You Have Options.  Choose Wisely.


Connect.  Ask For Help.  Help Others.


Opt In.  Move Forward.  Be Intentional.  Live.


Change Your Heart.  Change Your Life.  Change The World.

The Big Picture

We seek to:

Foster a supportive community of understanding that inspires people to create change

Create a platform for education and offer a variety of healthy alternatives to the current way of life

Empower and support all people to create change in their hearts, minds, bodies, and world

Create awareness of and actively work to improve local and global health

Sunstone’s Philosophy on Change

This is a partnership.  We will work with you to help you improve your life.

Your success is directly connected to your motivation and willingness to make changes.

We are on your side.  We will support your effort at the highest level possible.

We are humbled and honored to be on this journey with you.