Michelle joined Sunstone Health & Wellness and is an expert Trauma, PTSD, and Depression therapy.

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I cannot express just how grateful I am for Sunstone, particularly Lacey Rentschler! After raising my children, memories and thoughts of a very painful childhood overwhelmed me and stole my happiness. Lacey helped me to process the thoughts and feelings associated with them. I no longer feel like a scared, hurt little girl and at last have peace in my heart, forgiveness, and deeper happiness than I have ever known. What a blessing she has been to me!

During my time with Lacey, she has verbally hand held me as I have slowly and delicately found strength to continue on my new life’s path with a renewed conviction of self. Through Lacey’s heart-driven guidance, I have gained a healthy mindfulness of my life. I am able to comfortably live in the moment while continuing to be the compassionate, empathetic woman from which I have always derived the greatest pleasure. The negative emotions, confusion and occasional anxiety that first brought me to Lacey, no longer have a debilitating effect on me. I am better able to remain positively objective, and embrace both the consequences of the choices I have made and the path on which I am today.

The process of EMDR has changed my life. Due to a childhood trauma, I lived with haunting memories that interfered with almost every aspect of my life and in particular, my personal development. Since EMDR, I no longer find these memories to be debilitating. In fact, I have to work to bring them to the forefront of my mind. This has allowed me to move forward in a positive way in all areas of my life.

No one wants to be in a situation where professional counseling is needed, but after the experience my family has had with Sunstone Center, I will forever be an advocate of working with caring, experienced professionals. Their assistance to our family with anxiety, addiction and all related issues was more than professional--it was loving and healing. Our family would not be on the solid path we are now on without the firm and caring guidance of Sunstone.

Sunstone helped my son work through adolescent issues--especially those related to his giftedness. He started at Sunstone as an unmotivated, sulky, and impulsive child. Working with Lacey, he found his confidence, self-worth, and motivation to succeed.

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As a founding owner of Sunstone Counseling Center, I am proud to announce the growth and development of Sunstone Health & Wellness!  We will still be offering the same quality counseling that many have come to trust and rely on, but we are also very excited to be branching out to include more great alternative services, including hypnotherapy, EMDR, art therapy, and wellness coaching.  We are now operating out of two convenient locations: in Greenwood and Indianapolis.  If you have questions, or to schedule an appointment, call (317) 886.1000.


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